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Alexander Ott
Webdesigner and graduate engineer
Villa Nueva 19
E-35543 Mala-Haria / Lanzarote
Lanzarote Webhosting Tel.: +34 625 182163
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Hosting by a Professional Business Provider

Lanzarote Webhosting Webspace - webserver - webhosting - everything you need to maintain a website in Lanzarote is part of my service.

My webservers are located in a data processing center in Frankfurt. They have several independent connections to the internet and are very well looked after all day by a service team. This guarantees a high safeness, very good accessibleness and rapid response.

Whether you are looking for webhosting of your website or wish to have an own virtual or dedicated server - my webhosting offer on Lanzarote for you will always be exactly fitted to your needs.

All webhosting-serversystems will be installed and configured on demand to your requirements. In contrary to mass hosters I am able to offer you individual serversystems especially for high stability and best performance.

If you have any questions concerning webhosting, please Contact me!

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